What People Are Saying

Kelly LaPlante

“Loved working with LawnPop on a special event we did! They were professional, easy to work with and went the extra mile to accommodate us (especially since our venue changed at the last moment!) The guests loved the “indoor lawn” and it really made the event special. Now I want some LawnPop for my backyard!

Andrew Gallagher

“I am very happy with the turf I ordered from LawnPop, and have had an uncountable number of compliments on how great it looks in our new back yard. This was my first time buying artificial turf, so I really didn’t know what to expect, but LawnPop came over to my house with several samples before I even committed to buying so I could decide. They made the process very simple. I’m looking forward to many years of maintenance-free beauty! Thanks, LawnPop Team!

Kassandra Foster

“LawnPop did an amazing job on our lawn at our boutique, Golden Bones! We absolutely love the results and people keep raving about our beautiful lawn! Highly recommend these guys! :))

Kristen Turpin

“Super fast and so easy to work with. We love our new grass!

I could not be happier with my LawnPop product. My courtyard is easier than ever to take care of and looks a lot better too. Its a breeze to keep tidy and always looks perfect! I cant say enough about how smooth they made the process. The installers were courteous and very punctual. Hats off to LawnPop!

Annie G. Brown

“We absolutely love our new turf from LawnPop! The process was easy and the crew was professional and efficient. Would highly recommend!!


“Starting from my initial email contact thru post installation follow-up, LawnPop was professional, readily accessible, affordable, and speedy. I wish all vendors worked this way. They were a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend their team.

Amenchaca Lively

“LawnPop was great. We have a small backyard in Tarrytown that we have tried 3 varieties of grass and underground watering to no avail. We were looking to maximize play area for our son. LawnPop was fantastic in tailoring to our needs. We are very happy with the results and highly recommend LawnPop. We just had a playscape installed, our two year old, our neighbors and our dog all love the transformed space with the artificial turf and the new playscape. Thank you LawnPop!!

Waters Custom Homes, LP

“We had about 800 SF of turf installed. Awesome job. Quick and responsive. I would recommend them for my next project

Jenny A. Sullivan

“I can’t recommend LawnPop enough. We came upon HUGE obstacles when trying to set up for SXSW. They were able to not only help us troubleshoot issues that were not even related to the work he was there to do, but had his team stay late, come in early and make sure the job was done right. They worked seamlessly with our tent vendor and rushed us additional signage we needed within TWO HOURS of sending them artwork. Basically, they saved our program at SXSW and I will ALWAYS work with LawnPop when I have the opportunity.


“I wanted to take a moment and talk about the new back patio that LawnPop put in for me. We had a very narrow concrete slab that used to get covered in mud when it rained. And the yard beyond was also a mud pit where grass would not grow because of shade and foot traffic. Enter LawnPop! They came in and, at an impressive turnaround time, put down 30′ deep and 40′ wide turf for us. Now, the patio goes seamlessly out into the yard. The turf is smooth to the point where you can’t feel where the old concrete patio ends and the yard begins. It’s just one smooth, flat area where my family, dog and friends can sit and enjoy our back yard. It’s also a unique look. When friends come by and see it for the first time, they always say “wow”, I would not have imagined doing this, but it looks great! The team at LawnPop was professional and easy to work with. Definitely recommend!


“We recently moved into our brand new, starter home. We were looking forward to a beautiful back yard for our two dogs. Once we moved in, we were greatly disappointed with the esthetics and lack of functionality of our yard. Our grass was completely dead, full of weeds and ant piles as well as mud pits. This is also after our grass had already been replaced by our builder once. Our builder offered to replace our grass a second time but we weren’t very optimistic. I then discovered Tanner and LawnPop, and I am so glad we did. Tanner was great in working with our limited budget and helpful in easing all of our concerns. Tanner and his team did a fantastic job and we now have a beautiful yard that we can be proud of. We couldn’t have asked for a better company to work with!

Connie Blair

“Our new artificial turf is awesome. Such a dramatic improvement! Now using & loving the space constantly. Many complements on the quality of grass and installation.

Katy Koonce

“Wow. Lawn pop did everything they promised and so timely and on point that I was a little shocked truthfully. When does that ever happen with contractors? Let’s just say that I have plenty of experience to speak to this. The product is amazing and makes my back yard with pool and breeze block fence pop. So they are appropriately named! Thanks Lawn Pop!