HydroChill (T Cool)

T Cool Hydrochill

Noticeably cooler. You may wonder why we’re so intent on being cool.

It’s simple, synthetic turf can warm up make surfaces uncomfortably warm.

HydroChill goes to work immediately to provide a cooler surface. It is most effective when the sun is closest to the earth and at its hottest. Like perspiration, the product works in a natural way and makes feet and paws just that more comfortable. The length of the hydration cycle will vary depending on climate, but the effects are exactly the same, cool.

A simple re-hydration is all you need to keep your lawn cool, synthetic turf is a smart sustainable solution that is now better than ever.


HydroChill is easy to apply and easy to use! HydroChill is a specialized infill product and either applied as a spray or pre-coated sand by our trained crews. Once hydrated it can last for days, slowly releasing moisture and cooling surface temperatures by 30-50 degrees.

HydroChill ‘naturally’ grabs moisture so rainfall, dew or simple watering immediately resets the process and puts you in control. HydroChill last for years and its simplicity makes your life just that much easier.