Envirofill Microban Infill

Envirofill is the top synthetic turf infill choice for your landscape applications, with health and safety advantages for people, pets, and playgrounds. You can also count on a more lush-looking, longer-lasting putting green when Envirofill’s at play. With many benefits and proven results, Envirofill is the last infill you will ever need. Speaking of last, but certainly not least, Envirofill’s Microban antimicrobial protection helps prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration.

Learn more about Microban and it’s antibacterial benefits – the Cleaner Turf Infill

Since 2005, USGreentech’s Envirofill® has been the product of choice for thousands of landscape installations and hundreds of sports fields that require a clean and long-lasting synthetic lawn infill for children, pets and athletes. During the Envirofill manufacturing process, Microban® antimicrobial technology is infused into the proprietary coating of the rounded sand to help prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that can cause stains, odors, and product deterioration. The result is an infill that can withstand the harshest of environments, providing customers with a durable and reusable solution.

USGreentech is the recognized industry leader of high-performance, synthetic turf infill. The introduction of Microban® antimicrobial protection into their signature product line of infill is keeping with their long history of product innovation.



  • Earth-friendly synthetic turf infill that’s safe around people and their pets.
  • Envirofill was designed specifically for use in synthetic turf. Everything that goes into Envirofill has been carefully chosen for its safety and reliability.
  • Used in residential and commercial lawns, Envirofill is a great infill solution for any turf application.
  • Envirofill was designed specifically for use in synthetic turf and artificial grass.


Microban® antimicrobial protection is infused into Envirofill during the manufacturing process to help prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that can cause stains, odors, and product deterioration.


The perfect finishing touch. Envirofill adds a realistic look to your synthetic turf surface. When aesthetics are a key factor in your decision, Envirofill leaves a lasting impression.



Microban® technology reduces ammonia odor from urine up to 99%. Microban has been scientifically proven to disrupt the bacteria process that converts pet urine into ammonia odor. So be assured, Fido can go about his business worry-free.


No watering, no allergies, and no strong odors from pet waste—a turf infill with little to no maintenance. Envirofill has a unique rounded design which avoids compaction and promotes better percolation rates than traditional infills which means better drainage before and after clean up.


Envirofill has been declared a non-toxic, non hazardous material which makes it safe for pets and people alike. We know you view your pets as your children, so having an infill you can rely on for both performance and safety is crucial.


Envirofill is the perfect playground infill because its designed with kids in mind! Non-toxic and completely reusable, this infill makes the synthetic turf in your playground look and feel great!


Envirofill has been tested and proven to be safe. Envirofill has been declared free of toxins, CA Prop 65 exempt, and there is no leaching or VOCs.


Envirofill will not track or migrate, allowing you to spend more time playing than maintaining.


Envirofill pairs well with numerous playground pads. When used with a pad, it assists in providing adequate fall-height protection. It’s round properties keeps it from compacting, ensuring your HIC and GMax scores should remain similar to day of install.


Envirofill is one of the coolest infill options available. It has tested up to 25% cooler than rubber alternatives.



When installing a synthetic putting green, the infill is just as important as any other part of the system. The infill will dictate the ball-to-surface interaction, the aesthetics of the green, as well as the longevity of your green.


Envirofill is highly rounded, keeping your infill from compacting over time. This will keep your green speeds similar to day one and will help absorb shots for a realistic ball-to-surface interaction.


You want your putting green looking and playing like the real thing. With Envirofill’s black and green color, your green will look pristine. The blend helps to give your turf a natural look and helps hide any slight imperfections that may exist.


With its consistent size and rounded shape, Envirofill installs easily into dense putting green turf. The rounded shape allows Envirofill to settle quickly into the turf, making your infill installation a “tap-in”.

Benefits of Envirofill, Safeshell, & Powerfill

Durable, Non Absorbent Coating All Natural Product Advanced TPE
Microban Protection – Fights Against Bacteria, Mold and Mildew Evaporative Cooling Properties 60% Bio based vs Petroleum
Rounded Shape, Resists Compaction Durable with Minimal Degradation 30% Air
Precision Performance for Putting Greens, Bocce and Tennis Courts High Bacterial Resistance Excellent Energy Restitution
Natural Green Color Will not Float or Migrate Cushion Qualities
Reduces Pet Urine Odor Rich Earth Brown Color Soft Green Color
Improves Drainage through Turf Renewable 200°+ Clumping Point
16 year warranty & reusable 8 Year Warranty 8 Year Warranty