With a nod to the traditional Adirondack chair, we put a modern twist on this classic and gave it what we think is the coolest upgrade ever…cup holders. Put your mind at ease as you sink into complete relaxation while enjoying your favorite cup of…well, you fill in the blank.

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Stay Outside

We created a piece of outdoor furniture to make you do what your mom always told you to do in the summer time....”Stay Outside!” The Costarondack was made to sit in, unwind, and enjoy your favorite beverage. Whether it’s a coffee cup, wine glass, cold one, or your favorite whiskey, we can hold that for you. Our furniture is made from recyclable polyethylene plastic using a rotational molding process which means it’s ultra weather resistant, unbelievably low maintenance, and super easy to clean.

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About Our Outdoor Chairs


Italian Rotational Mold

We brought our Italian made mold home to the good ole USA where our furniture is manufactured and perfected.


Tie Down Feature

Tie down our furniture to a dock, deck or another surface, keeping it secure when the weather gets extreme.


Non-Marking Feet

These rubber feet keep our chairs in place but there is no trace of them when rearranging an outdoor space.

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