About Us

LawnPop Artificial Grass About Us

Founded and headquartered in Austin, Texas — LawnPop® offers effective solutions to make your landscape a smart, sustainable lawn. We can supply and install artificial grass anywhere in you see fit. From small back gardens to ballparks, we offer the same quality of service on all flooring projects.

We put a large emphasis on service and our professionalism. We ensure that every job is completed to the required high standards that we have set. Customer satisfaction is our number one aim.

You can save your lawn by making it a smart lawn.

  • Tired of watering?
  • Too much shade and your grass won’t grow?
  • Want less maintenance, and more time for relaxing?
  • Want a green lawn year around?

Then synthetic turf from LawnPop® is your answer.

For a free estimate please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact us today at 512-298-0933 or Email us at Team@LawnPop.com

Among other things LawnPop specializes in:

  • Artificial lawns
  • Sports Grass
  • Exhibition Grass
  • Colored Artificial Turf
  • Child Friendly Synthetic Turf
  • Garden Flooring
  • Rental Turf
  • Pet Friendly Artificial Turf
  • Artificial dog and pet grass products
  • Artificial golf and putting green grass products
  • Artificial landscape grass products
  • Artificial playground grass products
  • Baseball Diamonds

LawnPop is a proud installer of synthetic grass solutions for landscapes, pet areas, playgrounds, rooftops, patio decks, baseball parks and beautiful back yard golf complexes complete with putting greens – all with the look and feel of natural grass!