Artificial Grass and Pets: What to Know

Artificial Grass and Pets: What to Know

Summer is here, and as the days get warmer and longer, so does the list of chores needed to maintain a beautiful lawn fit for all the BBQs and family fun. Unfortunately, warm weather means a new laundry list of yard chores, including picking up after your favorite furry family member.

What if there was a way to cut that chore list, have a beautiful lawn that needed very little maintenance, and provide a place that is safe and fun for your family and pets? There is a magic answer to that. Artificial grass can do it all. And if you have pets, there are a few things you’ll want to know while you are exploring ideas.

Know Your Turf

Not all artificial lawns are created equal, especially when it comes to the safety of our furry friends. Many pets, dogs especially, tend to roll around, dig, and even chew on grass, and it is important that they not ingest anything that could make them sick.

That means you need to find artificial grass that is entirely non-toxic for your pets. The good news is that those options are widely available, so as long as you have this conversation with your artificial grass provider, you can have a turf that is safe for your furry friends.

The Grass Can Get Hot

It is true that artificial grass can get hot when peak summer temperatures get into the 80s and 90s (and beyond), which means worrying about burning the pads of feet and paws. During installations, however, using products like Durafil helps reduce this risk.

Durafil is a sand-like substance that not only protects your investment by halting the growth of mold and spores but also helps regulate temperature, keeping the grass cooler on hot days. With the right design and installation, your artificial turf can actually stay cooler than natural grass throughout the summer.

Pets and Turf Maintenance

Since the turf is surely going to be your pets’ new favorite place to relieve themselves, it is a good thing that maintenance of your lawn is quick and easy. General maintenance consists of rinsing off and combing the turf as needed.

The backing of the turf is perforated, so when the grass does get wet, the excess water can drain much like regular grass. The brushing of the turf with a stiff-bristled brush helps prevent the matting of the fibers and maintains the grasslike look and feel. Since animals tend to use the same areas to relieve themselves, a thorough cleaning is sometimes needed using a 50/50 mixture of water and distilled white vinegar.

This should deodorize any lingering smells as well as neutralize any bacteria or spores.

What About Pests?

Warmer weather not only calls for more fun in the sun but also raises the concern of how to deal with pests. Mosquitoes are what usually come to mind when thinking of summer nights, but when it comes to our pets, fleas and ticks also give us plenty to worry about. They carry diseases that are not only harmful to pets but also to those in the home when brought indoors.

Maintenance is key in keeping pests like fleas and ticks at bay. There is no soil for them to nest in, which lowers the risk, but if leaves and debris accumulate, there is a chance for them to permeate. Keeping the turf clear and regularly rinsed off dramatically reduces the chances of there being a flea or tick infestation.

Consider Better Turf

Grass and plants can be fickle creatures. There is always something to adjust. There can be too much water and not enough fertilizer. Or maybe the grass was cut at the wrong time of day, and now it is yellowing.

Make your life easier. Artificial grass comes with none of these concerns. It is cheaper, stays more durable, always looks great, and can help your pets maintain a healthier, happier life. You don’t need to break your back taking care of grass. You can skip the allergies that come with the growing and mowing season. Best of all, you can entertain around your lawn throughout the year.

Summer days are made for lounging outside on the patio or by the pool, not for mowing lawns and pulling weeds. When choosing to upgrade your landscaping with Lawnpop, you get all of the beauty that comes with a carefully manicured lawn with a fraction of the work. Start researching all of your lawn options today. Call us or visit our website to get started.