Benefits of Artificial Grass on the Playground

Benefits of Artificial Grass on the Playground

Every child and tween deserves a safe, comfortable, and beautiful space for play. In particular, the surface of playgrounds and other green areas is especially important for safety and fun in the sun. Instead of relying on a traditional surface that requires maintenance, proves expensive, and has the potential to be unsafe, choose artificial grass.

Why Artificial Grass Makes Sense for Playgrounds

LawnPop’s artificial grass for playgrounds is revered as the industry’s best. Seize the opportunity to transform the surface of your playground, and you’ll find artificial grass makes it cleaner, more enjoyable, safer, and also easier to care for.

The artificial grass used for playgrounds and other play spaces consists of durable materials that hold strong even when there is a considerable amount of foot traffic. Rough and tumble play, stomping, jumping, and more won’t compromise this reliable surface. The best part is our artificial playground grass looks exactly like real grass, yet there is no need to constantly water or maintain it as required with regular grass.

An Inside Look at the Grass of the Future

The grass of tomorrow isn’t grass at all. Artificial grass blades consist of a hybrid of nylon and polyethylene, creating an all-natural aesthetic yet also retaining durability to hold strong in the years ahead. Choose the grass of tomorrow, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of natural grass without risking the safety of the little ones who play in these spaces.

Artificial grass is also revered as a mulch alternative. Why bother with mulch that presents dangers in the form of sharp splinters and exposure to dust and allergens when artificial grass is available? Take the artificial route, and you won’t have to worry about attracting vermin that make homes beneath the uppermost layer. The flat surface provided by artificial grass prevents kids and also adults from tripping, falling, and getting hurt.

The Right Artificial Grass for Your Playground

Meet with LawnPop’s team, and you’ll find we go to great lengths to customize artificial grass for each playground surface. Our solutions are expertly tailored to each client’s individual needs. Whether you have an expansive playground, a small space, one with complexities, or other challenges, we will personalize an artificial grass addition that makes the most of the space. Installation occurs in accordance with your preferred timeline for maximum convenience.

Once your custom-tailored artificial playground grass is installed, you’ll enjoy a space free from rocks, stones, sticks, and other obtrusive debris. This fresh, clean, and safe space is easy on the knee joints, ankles, and hips, preserving the lower body for posterity’s sake. Take a walk along our already installed artificial grass surfaces, and you’ll agree they are easier on the knees than regular grass that tends to undulate, become divoted and flawed in all sorts of other ways.

Minimal Maintenance and Cleaning

Wouldn’t it be nice to install a new playground surface, simply setting it and forgetting it? You can do exactly that through LawnPop’s artificial grass. Though this surface will require the occasional cleaning especially if soiled by pets or other animals, it won’t require nearly the amount of attention as traditional play space surfaces. Urine from animals does not stain or otherwise damage fake grass. This means you can maintain a lush artificial green lawn for your playground or other space without worry of a pet’s mark leaving an indelible stain.

Simply use a rake or broom to clean the artificial grass to minimize matting, and the area will look just as it did after installation. However, if matting eventually occurs, professional grooming will rectify it, restoring the original aesthetic. You can do your part to maintain perfectly clean artificial grass by rinsing the area as necessary. If you find animal waste on the surface, spray it clean, and your artificial grass will look as good as new.

The Economical Solution You’ve Been Looking For

If you are like most property managers and owners, money is one of your top priorities. Choose artificial grass for your playground, and you’ll enjoy a low-cost surface that doesn’t require costly watering as is necessary with traditional grass. Nor is there any need for fertilizer or other expensive treatments. Add in the fact that you won’t have to add new soil or plant new grass, and there is all the more reason to take the artificial route.

LawnPop Is at Your Service

If you make the decisions about the surface of a playground or another play space, consider the merits of artificial grass. LawnPop also provides artificial grass for smart lawns, providing a lovely shade of green, minimal maintenance, and an invaluable peace of mind. Reach out to us today to find out more about adding artificial grass to your playground.