Business Applications for Artificial Grass

Business Applications for Artificial Grass

As time progresses, more and more businesses are recognizing the merits of artificial grass. In particular, businesses are adding artificial grass for visually striking landscaping that creates a fresh and crisp aesthetic. If your business’s exterior has lost its appeal, consider adding artificial grass. Some brand new businesses are adding artificial grass right off the bat as it has an inherent allure that draws in customers or at least convinces them to consider returning at a more convenient time. Without further ado, here are the top business applications for artificial grass.

Sports Fields

As hardcore NFL fans are aware, artificial grass was originally developed to be used as the play surface for football games. However, artificial turf has since expanded beyond the football field. Today, artificial grass is used for a wide variety of sports fields. This durable material can withstand considerable force from dozens of players in unison without buckling, shredding, or faltering in another manner.

Children’s Play Spaces

If your business or other space has an area reserved for children, consider the addition of artificial grass to that space. Artificial grass is superior to other options such as bark chippings that kids are inclined to throw, chew, and swallow. Artificial grass remains firmly in place regardless of how hard the kids play on it. Add in the fact that artificial grass adds visual appeal to your business, and there is even more reason to add it.

Artificial Grass Has Indoor Appeal and Utility

There is a common misconception that artificial grass is limited to outdoor use. Though artificial grass is primarily used outdoors at businesses, that is not the full extent of its utility. Artificial grass is incorporated into offices for a refreshing visual experience that ultimately heightens productivity. Add artificial grass to enhance your office setting, lobby, break space, or other area, and you’ll find it makes people happier and even proves just as soft to the touch as actual carpet.

Miniature Golf

Artificial turf is used at miniature golf courses throughout the United States and beyond. This soft and flat surface is built to withstand pressure and force, making it the perfect material for regular contact with golf clubs, golf balls, and feet. To be more specific, artificial turf is used on miniature golf greens. The area around where the flagstick and hole are positioned consists of artificial turf.

Dog Play Spaces

Dog parks and other dog-related businesses and public spaces often have artificial turf for our furry friends to play on. Artificial turf can be cleaned with ease. Business owners who add artificial turf for dogs simply need to hose down the turf to clean it. The turf is designed to prevent dog waste and other animal waste as well as similar particles from nestling down into the individual grass blades. However, if a dog or other animal urinates on the artificial turf, it will drain down below and out from the surface.

Today’s artificial turf is completely safe for dogs and other animals as the nasty chemicals and byproducts of previous models were removed. In other words, both business owners and dog owners can rest easy while their furry friend rolls around in the artificial turf, letting their pooch play to their heart’s content.

Cooking and Grilling

Though few know it, some businesses and homeowners are using artificial grass for cooking and grilling. To be more precise, artificial grass is added to the floor area around the grill or other outdoor cooking station, providing stable footing and designating the space for its intended purpose. Artificial grass is especially revered for its beauty and utility in the context of patio systems used for outdoor grilling and cooking.

Outdoor Entertainment

Artificial grass is even being utilized as a reliable and comfortable surface for outdoor entertainment shows. Businesses are installing this material onto roof decks, patios, and other parts of their properties with the aim of encouraging visiting customers to return for more. Artificial grass really does make patios, decks, and other spaces used for shows that much more visually appealing, functional, and luxurious.

Landscaping and Lawns

Part of your business’s appeal lies in its aesthetic beauty. In particular, a significant percentage of customers make the decision to shop at your business based on how the exterior of the building looks. If the exterior of your building is immaculately presented with artful lawn and landscaping created with artificial grass, you’ll move that many more customers indoors. Opt for artificial grass at your business, and you’ll find it is easy to clean, does not wither or brown, and never requires water.

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