Can Fake Grass Look Real?

Can Fake Grass Look Real?
Can Fake Grass Look Real

Can fake grass really look real? Modern advances in its production mean it looks and feels more like real grass than ever before. If you’ve wondered about how it will look once it’s installed, how well it stands up to environmental wear and tear, or how it will feel, read below to learn about how artificial grass is designed to mimic the real thing.

Fake Grass Has Evolved Over Time

When most people think of artificial grass, they imagine overly green, shiny, plastic-looking turf. And while fake grass may have appeared tacky and artificial in the past, modern advancements in its production have changed the artificial grass game.

Manufacturers have carefully designed the structure, color variation, and weave of grass blades to closely mimic the appearance of real turf. Not only that, they’ve also improved the texture of the materials tremendously. Rather than feeling somewhat abrasive and tough, fake grass — depending on the quality of the product — now features a lush, soft barefoot feel.

Artificial Grass Comes in a Range of Hues That Closely Mimic Native Grasses

Today, fake grass is available in a wide range of colors designed to mimic the appearance of the native foliage that grows in your region. It’s no longer a standard bright green. Rather, the color so closely resembles real grass that individual blades of fake grass within the same area even feature slight color variances.

If the lawns in your neighborhood are all within the same color palette, you can very closely mimic those hues with fake grass. And, even better, unlike the other lawns in your area, you won’t have to continuously maintain your turf.

Fake Grass Features Artificial Thatch That Helps Tone Down Its Color

If you cut a chunk of real grass out of your existing lawn, you’ll see a brown layer of stuff near the roots. This layer is called thatch, and it consists of living and dead grass shoots, stems, and other organic matter.

Thatch locks moisture into the soil beneath real grass and provides additional soil insulation. It also serves to give real grass a soft, cushiony feel that absorbs impact when you walk, run, or play on your turf.

Modern fake grass now contains artificial thatch that closely mimics the real deal. Including thatch in the production process not only gives fake grass a more realistic appearance, but it also lends to the improved barefoot feel of modern artificial turf.

The Shape of Artificial Grass Blades Helps With Light Reflection

Even the shape of artificial grass can be customized to mimic the appearance of the live grasses that thrive in your particular lawn. A homeowner who has full sun on their lawn year round should not choose the same shape of grass blade as a homeowner whose property is tucked away in the trees and is more shaded.

This is why it’s so important to select the right blade shape based on how much light your lawn gets. A flat blade reflects full sunlight in a way that can make fake grass look more artificial. If you’re installing fake turf in a low-light area, flat blades may be appropriate.

M-shaped grass blades, on the other hand, are designed to reflect light in multiple directions. This feature helps mitigate blanket reflection in full sun, which makes fake grass appear much more realistic in sunny, open areas.

Blade customization also lends to the realistic aesthetic of fake grass because different types of live grasses do not thrive in certain geographic regions. If you install a shape of grass that isn’t native to your area, it won’t blend with the surrounding foliage, thereby giving itself away as artificial.

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