Can I Install Artificial Turf by Myself?

Can I Install Artificial Turf by Myself?

Home upgrades are awesome. They can improve the value of your house. They can improve how you enjoy your own home. They’re also an opportunity to commit to big projects. Handling improvement on your own is a great way to learn new things and feel that incredible satisfaction when everything is complete. There’s a reason so many people enjoy DIY projects. It’s also why there are so many resources that can help you with them.

If you’ve ever considered having artificial turf in your yard, you have undoubtedly wondered about DIY solutions. If you’re considering installing artificial turf by yourself, read this information to determine if it’s a good idea.

Can I Install Artificial Turf by Myself?

The short answer is yes. It’s absolutely an option for you to install your own turf. Whether or not you should do it without an extra set of hands is up for debate. The overall workload is pretty steep for a one-person job, but the physical possibility exists.

More to the point, there are turfs that are designed for DIY installation. You can find them at hardware stores and from specific suppliers. The whole idea is that you can take matters into your own hands and handle the installation the way you want it.

Not only do you have this possibility, you also have this right. If it’s your property, it’s your decision to make. We fully endorse that.

With all of that said, you’re reading advice written by turf experts. Our specific skills, knowledge, and experience shape the advice we give. As much as we understand the importance and appeal of DIY projects (we do plenty on our own homes), our professional recommendation will differ, and we’ll discuss that by pointing to the next question.

But Should I?

Whether or not you should is often more important than whether or not you can. The truth is that the answer to this question depends greatly on your skill sets, available tools, free time, commitment to the project, and a whole slew of factors that are too long to list here.

Since you already understand the benefits of DIY projects — saving money and the self-satisfaction of completing the project to name a pair — we’re going to focus on compelling reasons to leave it to the pros.

Sculpting the Lawn

Here’s the thing about artificial turf. Even though it is manufactured and designed before installation, the installation process has a huge impact on the final product. It’s similar to other flooring in that regard. When you tile a floor, where and how you choose to cut the tile will change the overall look of the room.

With artificial turf, these differences are even more exaggerated. To install turf, you first dig. You create a hole and use filler to build up a solid base where the turf will later rest. This process is iterative, and building up the base bears a huge impact on how the turf looks and feels when you’re done. This is not a precise process, which is why professional installation will look so different from a DIY project. It doesn’t mean that DIY efforts are doomed to look bad, but if your plan is to learn as you go, you shouldn’t underestimate just how much of your turf’s final aesthetic is determined by how it is installed. In a manner of speaking, some key design decisions are made during installation.

Material Quality

There’s a second issue that is equally important. Not all turf is made the same way and of the same quality. You can certainly get quality turf that is designed for DIY, but if you’re committed to DIY only, your options become limited. Many turf designers and producers like to include installation with your purchase. Guaranteeing professional installation makes it easier for them to offer stronger warranties and better promises to their customers. There are many kinds of turfs that you simply cannot access for a DIY project. If you want as many options as possible, then professional installation has to stay on the table.

Here’s the bottom line. We specialize in artificial turf. Considering that profession, our primary goal is that you are happy with what you get and that it is installed correctly at your Austin area home or business. We believe in our products and the work we do, and we’re confident that we can design and install amazing turf for you, but we’re also aware that you have other options. Do what is right for you, and if that includes exploring possibilities, then feel free to contact LawnPop. We’ll be happy to discuss everything at length so that you can make an informed decision. When you’re ready to go further, we’ll be just as happy to design and install your turf for you.