Conserving Water with Artificial Grass

Conserving Water with Artificial Grass

No matter what part of the country you reside in, water is a precious resource we all can learn to conserve. From the rainy climates of the Pacific Northwest to the southeastern regions, water conservation continues to play a crucial role in more ways than one. While states like Washington battle for clean water and air through the President Obama’s Bold Climate Plan, states like Arizona and Texas struggle to conserve water to beat their scorching summer temperatures.

At LawnPop Artificial Grass, we want to help conserve this precious resource.

By conserving water, lakes can rise back to normal levels to provide summertime fun and enhance the local economy for Central Texas cities. When installing synthetic grass, we can help keep harmful pollutants, such as a lawn mower’s carbon dioxide by-product, out of the air and water table.

In recent news, Texas Senate Bill 198 will prohibit Texas homeowner’s associations from banning water-conserving landscapes. The bill will go into effect in September 1 and will be expected to aid the drought-stricken state in water reclamation.

A Little Background:

Between 1970 and 2010, Austin, Texas’ water usage tripled as a severe drought took a stranglehold over the state, as a whole. While Austin currently relies on underground aquifers, Lake Travis and Lake Buchanan for drinking water, the on-going drought, coupled with seasonal triple-digit temperatures, has caused the lakes to fall 28 percent below normal levels. This has pushed two-thirds of the state into an “exceptional drought” category, said NPR’s 2012 ‘State Impact’ project report.

According to the Sierra Club’s Lone Star chapter and Clean Water Action, out of 264 Austin HOA’s surveyed, only 20 currently allow water-saving landscapes. This bill will allow homeowners the freedom to choose their landscape preference, including the synthetic grass industry.

No matter where you live, you can help aid in this water crisis by making your lawn synthetic.

When you switch to synthetic turf, you can:

1. Save 70 percent of your monthly water bill.
2. Save thousands of gallons of water.
3. Eliminate CO2 emitting gardening equipment, such as a lawn mower.
4. Eliminate monthly maintenance fees.
5. Eliminate bugs that live in grassy areas, such as mosquitoes.

At LawnPop Artificial Grass, we take pride in our synthetic turf products. We stock a wide variety of synthetic turf that can match any natural surrounding while you help your home and local community and you save water, time and money.