Renting Artificial Turf – What to Know

Renting Artificial Turf – What to Know

When planning an event, it’s not always easy to perfect the setting. Whether the event is large or small, formal or casual, you want to have a space that caters to the moment and the people who will be sharing it.

Something you might not know about may help you set that stage in a way that many overlook. You can rent artificial turf for events and venues. It adds vibrant colors and a soft, plush space for people to walk, sit, or otherwise enjoy. Artificial turf can cater to events of all kinds, so take a minute to learn more about renting turf and how it might be just what you need.

What Are Good Locations for Rental Turf?

One of the most important aspects of rental turf is that it is not intended for use with an infill layer. Permanent turf installations require digging, leveling, and filling the ground. None of that is necessary for a rental.

So rental turf can go anywhere that the ground is relatively flat. Almost any event surface can hold the turf well, and the addition of plush, green “flooring” can have a huge impact.

Just a few common locations for rental turf include parking lots, stages, tennis courts, inside of large tents, on sets for movies, and concrete surfaces. The only real limit is your creativity.

When Is a Good Occasion to Rent Turf?

Rental turf is great mostly for two reasons. It looks amazing, and it offers a soft bit of ground. The range of events and occasions that benefit from one or both of these traits is nearly endless.

Exhibitions use turf to designate specific areas for part of the event. Galas can make use of turf to create nice color contrasts. Graduations can set up turf so that the graduating class isn’t stuck in a sea of concrete. Corporate events, media events, and large parties can all benefit from using turf to mark a central area for foot traffic.

You can even rent turf to set up a special picnic. If the moment could do well with color and a place to gather, it can benefit from a rental turf.

How Long Does It Take to Set Up?

Installing permanent artificial turf takes days. It’s an involved process, and unless it is done meticulously, the turf won’t last very long. It’s a big deal.

Rental turfs are nearly the opposite. In most cases, they are set up the same day as the event. For events that start early, the turf can be set up the day before.

While the setup is relatively quick, it is still done professionally. Using the right fasteners ensures that the turf stays in place throughout the event. Just as important, professional installation adds precision to the process that gets the turf to the exact desired dimensions.

What Is Included in the Rental?

Renting artificial turf can be an easy way to spruce up an event, but what are you really getting? When you rent from LawnPop, you’re getting a total package.

Naturally, the turf and any needed materials for installation are included in the rental. We also provide professional setup services. This makes sure that everything is good to go and in top shape before the turf is used.

When the event is finished, we can handle cleaning the turf, tearing it down, and hauling it away from the event. Basically, we take care of everything. All you need to do is tell us what you want and when you want it. We’ll make sure everything related to the turf lives up to your expectations.

How Do You Pick the Right Turf?

Getting artificial turf sounds promising. So which one should you pick? How much do you need? Are there different materials, and does that matter?

These questions are important, and their answers depend on the venue and the nature of the event. Some turfs are better for large amounts of foot traffic. They have shorter blades, making it easier to walk across the turf.

Other options provide a lusher appearance and a softer experience underfoot.

As for size, that has everything to do with the venue and your plan. We can handle professional sports, so we can scale our rentals to your specific needs.

When you rent a turf with LawnPop, you get expertise along with the service. If you aren’t sure exactly what you need, give us a call. We’ll discuss your ideas and help you pick the right options that are sure to provide you with a great experience. From sizing to materials to timing, we know turf, and we’ll gladly share that knowledge with you. Reach out to us online for a free estimate.