Simple Steps to Properly Install Artificial Grass

Installing artificial grass is a daunting task for many homeowners, especially those who don’t perform a lot of landscaping on their own. You’ll need a number of supplies and pieces of equipment, which can be expensive. Then there’s the time it takes to install your new lawn and the risk something will go wrong. Why not make sure everything is done efficiently and correctly? Hiring a professional can take the hassle out of this process.

Steps to Install Artificial Grass

While installing DIY artificial grass is not a DIY job, we’ve outlined the steps involved with the process. That way, you, as a homeowner, better understand the work going into your fresh new lawn.

1. Remove the Existing Turf

First, it’s important to remove the natural grass and a few inches of the underlying soil.

2. Prevent Weeds

A membrane must be placed over the area to prevent weed growth.

3. Moisture Drainage System

To ensure moisture properly drains through your new artificial grass, a drainage system must be put in place early on.

4. Smooth the Layers

The artificial grass will likely come in a rolled-up bundle. It must be smoothed out and made as level as possible using crushed rock.

5. Adhesive

To prevent shifting, an adhesive must be put down on the surface of the crushed rock layer before the artificial grass is installed.

6. Installation

Next, the actual installation process is performed. Sections of the grass are rolled out onto the adhesive layers before being cut out into sections.

7. Nailing the Grass Down

Every sixteen inches, the sections of artificial grass are fastened and secured.

8. Protective Substance

Using a lawn spreader, silica sand is placed on top of the artificial grass as a protective substance to help prevent wear and tear or weather damage.

For professional artificial grass installation, call LawnPop at 512-298-0933. We’ll ensure your freshly installed lawn is smooth, green, and worry-free!