There’s more grass in LawnPop Synthetic Grass

There’s more grass in LawnPop Synthetic Grass

Seeing and feeling is believing. Why DO LawnPop’s artificial turfs look more lifelike and feel plusher? Basically, our artificial grass contains a range of natural colors and a wide variety of fiber types—plus, there’s more of it.

The typical late 20th-century concept for artificial football field turf was a sparse tufting of mono-chromatic fiber, tufted at a low face weight, with overly wide seams and lots of “infill” made from ground tire rubber. It wasn’t a bad idea for its time, but it didn’t necessarily look or feel like an authentic grass lawn. LawnPop had a better idea of how to manufacture realistic looking artificial turf.

Instead of designing a sports field for people to install in their yard, LawnPop uses specially developed landscape turf. Instead of the machined-appearance of single-strand grass, “thatch” fiber – curly secondary grass that replicated the effect of rhizomes in natural lawns – was tufted during the manufacturing process in accompanying rows. The result was a plusher turf with a markedly more believable appearance and pleasing texture, and the amount of filler needed to keep the grass from matting down was minimized.

The amount of grass blades in LawnPop’s fake turf is typically higher than other brands, and we offer the greatest array of turf weights, densities and thicknesses. The face weights for most of our lawn products exceed 50 ounces per square yard, and some approach 90. Our Diamond series features the proprietary “W” fiber, a wider corrugated profile that’s more resilient. The Marquee turf features ultrathin, super soft grass tufted at a unsurpassed per square-inch rate. LawnPop’s Pet Turf is cropped for ultimate drainage, but extra-dense for rugged durability.

And instead of monochromatic yarns, LawnPop introduced blends – hues of field and olive green, forest and lime – of fiber that looks more natural. Next, the thatch became a blend of browns and greens, a “dead grass” look that added even more realism.

Even now, some companies are building and selling Infield Turf 1.0. You’ll appreciate how far LawnPop has advanced the synthetic grass concept, and delivered more of it.