Transforming your Backyard: Useful Outdoor Living Space

Transforming your Backyard: Useful Outdoor Living Space

At LawnPop, we have experience installing artificial turf for homeowners all around Central Texas. Architects, landscape architects, builders, interior designers, contractors, and commercial properties all choose landscape design solutions by LawnPop. People have chosen our faux grass for many reasons, such as its attractiveness, its low upkeep, its pet-friendliness, and more.

Since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic two years ago, people have been trying to find a way to spend time with their friends and family in a safe and clean way. Since we are now mask free, gatherings in the backyard have been a great source of entertainment. Staying home doesn’t have to be a burden with LawnPop’s artificial grass, and this is why.

LawnPop’s astro-turf allows for entertaining outdoor activities

We offer landscape designs that will transform your backyard into a playground for family, friends, and pets to enjoy. With artificial grass, you no longer have to worry about the issues that dead grass causes. You will have a lively and green lawn at all times, allowing your guests to appreciate the beauty of your outdoor living space. You do not have to worry about people walking in the lawn and tracking dirt and mud into the house, causing an inconvenient mess. If someone spills drinks or food on the turf, it can be easily sprayed off with a hose. With fake grass, the clean up duration after a gathering is far less time consuming.

Not only is artificial turf extremely convenient, it makes your lawn more fun. LawnPop offers the installation of putting greens, customized to your preference, so your friends and family can enjoy some golf whenever they please. For kids, installing artificial playground turf can be a large source of entertainment. Faux grass allows kids and pets to play freely around the outdoor living space without the concerns that natural grass causes. As parents, you can worry less with artificial turf as it’s non-abrasive and will protect against falls. Also, synthetic turf reduces the amount of allergens easily accessible to kids and pets, keeping them allergy-free and healthy.

While LawnPop’s faux grass is a prime option for entertainment, it can also be used to create an outdoor classroom for parents who love to teach and kids who love to learn. During the pandemic lockdown, parents began looking for ways to teach their kids more effectively. Rather than spending so much time inside, installing artificial grass allowed the lawn to become a place for learning. While the lockdown is over, parents and kids are still loving the use of synthetic turf as an outdoor classroom because it’s clean, comfortable, and appealing. You can make your children’s home-learning enjoyable with LawnPop’s astro-turf.

Call Lawnpop for Artificial Turf Installation

LawnPop offers the quick and high-quality installation of artificial turf that turns a backyard into a clean and friendly environment to spend more time outdoors with loved ones. Don’t let the pandemic keep you inside, contact LawnPop and let’s discuss how we can help you transform your outdoor space into one that you WANT to spend time in!