Artificial grass can be perfect for a lawn. It looks great, requires very little effort to maintain, and can be better for the environment. It’s actually one of the best uses for recycled plastics.

But all of those advantages do come with some caveats. Artificial grass is lovely, but it can be damaged in ways that are less of a concern to dirt, rocks, and other landscaping choices. These are some of the most common ways artificial grass gets damaged and what you can do to prevent problems.

1. Fire

You obviously understand that setting the turf on fire is a bad idea. No one needed to tell you that, but there are sources of heat and fire and smoke that are common in yards (especially backyards). It’s easy to overlook how some of these could threaten your artificial grass.

The first is outdoor fireplaces. Even if you understand the risk and keep it off of the turf, having a fireplace too close can still cause heat and smoke damage.

A more common risk is an outdoor grill. Whether it uses propane, charcoal, or natural gas, this is an abundant source of heat and smoke, both of which can damage the grass.

The easiest risk to overlook is smoking. Cigarettes and cigars both produce ash. If you smoke while on the turf, the dropping ash can burn the turf and create expensive damage.

2. Excessive Weight

Heavy weight can damage the structural layers of the artificial grass. This can lead to irreparable problems and completely ruin the turf. The good news is that light foot traffic is not heavy enough to create this problem. Your grass should have a foot traffic rating, and as long as you abide by it, the grass will be fine.

Extreme weight, like a vehicle parked on the turf, will cause immediate damage. Even smaller vehicles like a motorcycle can be heavy enough to create problems.

But many builds of artificial grass can be damaged by weights smaller than road vehicles. A common weight issue involves landscaping. A wheelbarrow full of dirt or rocks might weigh enough to harm the turf. Make sure you know your turf’s weight ratings and keep them in mind when you plan yard projects.

3. Adhesives

There are a number of things that, when dropped, can damage turf. Adhesive substances top the list. While you might not think there is a big risk of spilling glue on your grass, there is a damaging adhesive that frequently plagues artificial grass. That adhesive is chewing gum. While a single piece of gum might not ruin your entire lawn, getting gum stuck in the grass is a conundrum similar to having gum stuck in one’s hair. It’s not a good situation.

4. Oils

Another thing that hurts turf is oil. A number of oils can be spilled on grass, and they are prone to causing chemical damage. Essentially, oils can break down some of the plastics in the grass and lead to problems. If you can, try to wipe it up quickly to prevent this problem.

5. Sharp Edges

This is another item that seems obvious. You already know that you don’t need to run a lawnmower on artificial turf. That’s one of the reasons you got it.

But there are sharp objects that regularly rip through turf substrate, and the majority of them are attached to lawn furniture. Furniture has feet, and those feet are not always friendly to artificial grass. Take a look at the feet of any furniture you like before investing. If they are not properly rounded and blunted, they could be a problem. You should check the weight of the furniture while you’re at it.

6. Reflected Sunlight

This one can be frustrating, but it is also manageable. In typical sunny conditions, your turf will be fine for many years. It’s designed for that. But if you have a large source of reflected or focused sunlight, things change. The reflection increases the UV exposure hitting the turf and can shorten its lifespan. Similarly, focused sunlight can superheat the turf and lead to damage.

Fortunately, these two issues are fairly easy to solve by paying attention to the location before the turf is installed.

Artificial grass is amazing, but you definitely need to know the care requirements. Now that you do, you’re ready to have your turf installed and last as long as possible. Contact LawnPop for today for artificial grass installation in Austin. We’ll help you browse some options and pick out the perfect lawn that is beautiful and low maintenance.