What Is Artificial Grass Made Of?

What Is Artificial Grass Made Of?

There is a saying that there is never a second chance to make a first impression, and you need to make that first impression count. That means you need to take care of your landscape as well, but it can be a hassle to spend time and money taking care of your grass. As a result, you may be thinking about installing artificial grass instead. But, you need to know what your options are, so what is artificial grass made of?

Take a look at a few quick facts regarding artificial grass below, and be sure to reach out to an expert who can help you.

What Are the Components of Artificial Grass?

First, understand that there are different types of artificial grass on the market, so the exact components are going to vary depending on the type of turf you choose and the brand.

The general components of artificial grass include:

  • Synthetic Fibers: Artificial grass is made of synthetic fibers. Different materials can be used to make these fibers, but the two most common options are polyethylene and polypropylene. These materials are used because they are durable, resilient, and stable even when faced with direct UV rays from the sun. They can stand up to outdoor conditions, so they are popular.
  • Synthetic Backing: Then, these synthetic fibers are attached to synthetic backing of some sort. The goal of this backing is to provide a sturdy foundation and stabilize the turf under outdoor stresses. Usually, the backing is made from some sort of woven fabric, but there are non-woven materials available as well. The backing typically comes with holes that will allow water to pass through harmlessly.
  • Infill: Finally, artificial grass also has an infill of some sort. This material is important because it can enhance the resilience of the synthetic fibers and backing while also providing your turf with a more natural feel. Some of the most common materials used for the infill include rubber granules, silica sand, or some other combination. Infill can also provide extra cushioning for your turf and reduce friction.

This is just a general overview of the components you should expect if you decide to go with artificial grass. So, what are some of the biggest reasons why you may want to choose artificial grass for your landscape?

The Top Reasons To Choose Artificial Grass

A few of the biggest benefits of going with artificial grass include:

Reduced Maintenance

It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to take care of a natural grass landscape, but if you decide to go with artificial grass, you may not need to worry about this issue. Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance when compared to natural grass, and you don’t need to worry about fertilizing, watering, or mowing artificial grass. While you may want to rinse and brush your turf from time to time to make sure it looks clean, it should save you a lot of time when compared to natural grass.

Conserve Resources

There are plenty of areas across the country that are struggling with a shortage of water, so if you are looking for ways to conserve water, you may want to go with artificial grass. Turf does not require regular watering, which can help you conserve natural resources. This means that you can enjoy a more sustainable property while also reducing your utility bills.

Enhanced Durability

Artificial grass has also been specifically designed to stand up to wear and tear. While natural grass can get trampled and dug through, artificial grass is much more resilient. Turf can stand up to a tremendous amount of foot traffic and should not wilt in the face of changing weather conditions. It should retain its lush appearance and vibrant color throughout the year.


If you are tired of dealing with seasonal allergies, artificial grass might be for you. You do not have to worry about grass clippings, pollen, and other types of allergens that may otherwise cause discomfort. Artificial grass is also designed to be friendly for animals and pets, as it can stand up to even the most active animals.

If you want to get the most out of your artificial grass, you need to work with experts who can help you.

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