What Is Environfill Microban Infill?

What Is Environfill Microban Infill?

Envrionfill, a synthetic infill used for landscaping, is quickly trending toward a mainstream tipping point. If you own a home or a business, your landscape applications will greatly benefit from this synthetic turf infill. Envirofill provides numerous safety and health benefits for people, dogs, cats, and even kids playing on playgrounds. Envriofill is also pleasing to the eye, giving homeowners, business owners, and municipalities all the more reason to add it to their property.

The First and Last Infill

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could add a single infill to your property and never look back? That is exactly what Envirofill provides. Envirofill creates a lush green aesthetic perfect for properties of all types and sizes. This unique infill is highlighted by a Microban with antimicrobial protection that helps mitigate the growth of bacterial, mildew, and mold that results in unpleasant odors, blemishes, and gradual wear. This is the cleanest infill on the market, thwarting bacteria before it has a chance to wreak havoc on your property.

Why Envirofill Is the Landscaping Material of Choice

Envirofill dates back to 2005. The infill has become increasingly popular with each passing year, serving as the desired infill choice for landscapes, athletic fields, putting greens, and more. Envirofill is as durable and clean as it gets, serving as the optimal synthetic lawn infill for everyday people as well as athletes, kids, dogs, cats, and other pets.

The appeal of Envirofill is partially attributable to the specialized manner in which it is manufactured. Envirofill features Microban antimicrobial tech transmitted into a rounded sand coating to thwart threats ranging from harmful mold to nasty bacteria and more. Choose Envirofill for your residential or commercial property, and you’ll find it endures especially harsh conditions, stands the test of time, boosts functionality, and makes the space that much more pleasing to the eye.

Envirofill Microban Infill Is the Missing Piece to Your Property’s Puzzle

Do some digging into Envirofill, check out its reviews, give it a look for yourself, and you’ll be impressed with the results. In particular, the infill’s Microban antimicrobial protection is regularly highlighted by customers as it safeguards people, including vulnerable kids and pets who spend more time playing outside than adults. This green, environmentally friendly synthetic turf was carefully crafted for reliability, security, and functionality for the long haul.

Envirofill Microban provides antimicrobial protection through an elaborate manufacturing process. The end result is a visually striking, foot-friendly, and protective surface that boosts your property value. Envirofill customers are eager to testify that the surface reduces upward of 99% of odors, including those dreaded nasty pet odors. The scientists behind Microban have succeeded in decreasing the ammonia stench from pet urine, bacterial formation, and additional threats, setting the stage for you to welcome guests without worry.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

If you are like most homeowners and business owners, you are understandably hesitant to spend for a new landscaping or lawn addition. Though property improvements require a small up-front investment, the money you spend on Envirofill pays you back exponentially more in terms of aesthetic improvement, enhanced safety, and functionality.

There is absolutely no reason to fret about Envirofill installation. Our team has the application process down to a science. Envirofill features a rounded design and uniform size, setting the stage for easy installation. Envirofill is also growing in popularity as it is low maintenance. Choose Envirofill for your property, and you won’t have to worry about allergic reactions, odors, or the burden of watering as is necessary with grass. Envirofill’s design prevents compaction and also boosts the rate of percolation more than conventional forms of infill, allowing for comprehensive drainage unavailable with other landscaping and lawn solutions.

Cool, Clean, and Safe

The installation of Envirofill at your property provides more than a beautiful surface that boosts curb appeal. This unique infill prevents tracking and migration, ensuring you don’t have to spend your limited time cleaning the surface rather than playing on it. Envirofill is also the perfect complement to existing playground pads. The use of this infill with a pad provides sufficient height protection in the context of a potential fall.

Envirofill’s rounded quality prevents impressions that would otherwise compromise aesthetic appeal and functionality. Add in the fact that Envirofill is comparably cool, providing 25% more cooling than competing products such as those made of rubber, and you have all the more reason to add it to your home, business or municipal space.

LawnPop Is at Your Service

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