What’s the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs?

What’s the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

Artificial grass has steadily increased in popularity among Austin homeowners in recent years. From landscaping design and patios to backyards and children’s play areas, fake turf is popping up everywhere these days. Fake turf is also commonly used for dog runs, and if you’re considering using artificial grass in this application, it’s important to understand which turf is best for your pooch.

Below, the experts at LawnPop, Austin’s premier artificial turf installers, explain what you need to know about pets and fake turf as well as the best types of artificial grass for dogs.

Artificial Grass: Is It Safe for Dogs and Other Pets?

Many homeowners question whether fake turf might expose their pets to potentially toxic chemicals or cause health problems if ingested. Since your pets are part of your family, it’s only natural to be concerned about their safety when you’re considering installing artificial grass, right?

Rest assured: Artificial grass is completely safe for your dog and any other pets you own. In many regards, it’s actually safer for your pets than the real stuff. Since fake grass doesn’t grow weeds or harbor pests, it never needs spraying with pesticides or insecticides. That fact alone gives it a distinct advantage.

It’s also important to note that in 2008, the Center for Environmental Health entered into agreements with artificial turf manufacturers that banned the use of toxic substances in fake grass. While such substances may have been a concern in the past, they are no longer present in turf products on the market today.

What’s the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs? 3 Options

You know fake grass is safe for your pets, but determining which type of turf is best for your dog can be tough with such a wide variety of products on the market. At LawnPop, we install turf manufactured by SynLawn, one of the country’s leading artificial grass manufacturers. Below we’ve listed the types of artificial grass that’ll give your pup the best experience.

SYNAugustine 347 Grass

This type of fake turf is designed to provide superior strength and a highly comfortable barefoot feel. It features dense, multicolored thatch that gives it a strikingly realistic appearance — so much so that it’s difficult to distinguish from the real thing. SYNAugustine 347 is one of the softest, most realistic types of turf on the market today.

Beyond its gorgeous appearance and realistic feel, this type of fake turf is rated for high-traffic areas, making it the perfect artificial grass for an active dog. It’s also environmentally friendly and low maintenance, making it an excellent option for homeowners who want a perfect-looking dog run that doesn’t require extensive upkeep. This grass is also suitable for landscaping design and play areas, making it a highly versatile choice for any home.

SynFescue 354 Grass

This type of artificial grass features EnviroLoc Backing Technology and HeatBlock Technology, which lend to its lush, realistic appearance and soft barefoot feel. The turf is highly flexible and extremely durable, making it perfect for the pooch that loves to run and play outside all day.

Even better, SynFescue 354 also functions as a landscaping grass, which makes it a versatile choice for making your yard stand out and your pup happy and comfortable. This type of grass is one of our most popular options for pet areas, playgrounds, and lawns due to its incredible resilience and longevity.

SYNTipede 354

This hybrid artificial turf features HeatBlock Technology, which gives it superior strength and lasting power. Its low surface temperature makes it a great choice for pet play areas, especially in locations that receive full sunlight throughout the day.

SYNTipede 354 incorporates the latest technology in every aspect of its design, from its super realistic, multicolored appearance to its lush, inviting barefoot feel. Because it mimics the look and feel of real grass so well, it’s a common installation in both landscaping design and play areas.

Need Artificial Grass for Your Dog’s Play Area?

Whether you’re installing fake grass for a dog run or want to make your whole yard stand out, our team at LawnPop is here to make your vision a reality. We install artificial grass throughout Austin and the surrounding areas and are dedicated to providing our customers with superior customer service and outstanding landscaping! Give us a call today at (512) 298-0933, so we can discuss your needs.