Which Company Offers Realistic Artificial Grass?

Most Realistic Artificial Grass on the Market

We all want the very best lawn possible. But if it’s impossible to grow naturally green, soft grass around your home, then you need another solution. You need the most realistic artificial grass to cover those bald spots. But how do you go about choosing the right artificial grass? After all, some companies are better than others.

Many artificial grass manufacturers will post their reviews and testimonials from numerous satisfied customers. You’ll find these reviews online. To help, we’ve gathered a few of the top names in the industry for you to explore personally.

East Turf

Easy Turf, manufactured by FieldTurf, is currently one of the most well-known artificial grass products on the market. The company provides realistic artificial grass due to their multi-colored blades, which mimic the texture of real, natural grass.

Furthermore, Easy Turf offers the best drainage on the market. Their system, known as MaxxFlow, provides top moisture drainage. The entire package comes stock with a 15-year warranty, which is quite nice for savvy homeowners.


SynLawn is a well-known artificial grass manufacturer that has designed a product so lifelike and authentic that it has become one of the highest rated products in the field. Their technology, known as BioCel Technology, utilizes renewable resources to create a bio-based polymer instead of petroleum-based polymers.

Furthermore, their Enviroloc system is designed to keep grass blades in place and stronger than ever.


Lastly, we have AstroTurf – perhaps the most well-known of any artificial grass on the market today. It is the nation’s oldest artificial turf company. For decades, AstroTurf has been the go-to choice for athletic stadiums, where it all started. Today, AstroTurf continues to offer durable, high-quality artificial grass for homeowners and commercial uses.

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