Why Choosing Sand Infill for Artificial Grass is the Best Option

Artificial Grass is the Best Option

When it comes to artificial grass, sand infill is the perfect way to absorb shock, deter bacteria, and ensure better durability overall. When paired with sand infill, artificial grass makes the perfect addition to playgrounds, yards, and pet play areas in parks and backyard.

What is Artificial Grass Infill?

First, let us explore what artificial grass infill is and isn’t. Many homeowners don’t know the difference between the types of infill and why one is needed in the first place.

Essentially, infill is the product placed in between the fibers of your new artificial grass. Its purpose is to ensure the artificial grass blades stand up straight, like normal grass, or return to position after any pressure is applied to the area. Furthermore, infill helps to protect the backing used during the artificial grass installation process, especially against the UV rays of the sun.

Sand Infill for Artificial Grass

One of the most common options for infill for your new artificial grass is sand infill. It has a rounded quartz core and is designed specifically for artificial turf. One of the most significant advantages of sand infill is that it remains cool, which helps keep your new grass from overheating in the summer sun.

Furthermore, sand infill does not absorb liquids, which makes it an ideal choice for pet parks and homes with numerous dogs. Even better, it’s safe for both pets and children. The rounded shape of the sand makes it softer and more natural in feel.

The biggest downside to sand infill is that it is slightly more expensive than other options, such as rubber. However, don’t look at that as a negative. You’re paying for quality.

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