Benefits of Artificial Grass on Your Rooftop

Benefits of Artificial Grass on Your Rooftop

Did you know that you can put artificial grass on your rooftop? Yes, this is totally a thing, and it is amazing!

Artificial grass (or turf) is so versatile and adds a beautiful, natural look to any home or property — even if that property does not actually have a lawn or backyard.

Do you have more of an “urban oasis” living scenario? Or do you have a home or building with a flat roof or an outdoor patio situation that you want to spruce up?

If so, our artificial grass–loving team of specialists has put together a list of the top benefits for installing artificial grass on your rooftop. Call Lawnpop today to find out more about our artificial turf installation services.

Artificial Grass Provides Insulation

Making a home or building more energy efficient is a huge priority for many owners. A layer of artificial grass on the top of a flat-top roof or top-floor patio actually helps insulate a building. This is known as a green material.

This layer of insulation applies in both cold winter and hot summer months and provides a barrier from solar light and heat. This barrier keeps utility costs down and has the potential to save renters and owners a lot of money on air-conditioning and heating needs.

So when you think about it, an artificial grass roof is green in color, is a green environmentally friendly material, and can save you green money!

Artificial Grass Looks and Feels Like Real Grass

Artificial grass, often sought after for fake grass rentals in Austin, is designed to mimic real grass, effectively transforming a concrete or barren area of a building. The addition of this lush greenery amidst a landscape dominated by metal, concrete, and brick is not only visually appealing but also has the potential to increase the value of a property, be it a building, condo, or apartment.

Incorporating an artificial grass hang-out area is an attractive apartment amenity, aligning perfectly with the current “Urban Green” trend.

Imagine creating a real yard-like space for your kids to play in atop a complex, complete with the softness of fake grass rentals in Austin. Envision inviting friends and family over for a rooftop BBQ in an environment that emulates a suburban backyard.

Artificial grass is fake, so that means no watering. That also means no mowing. No weeding. No fertilizer. Nada.

When properly installed and maintained, an artificial grass rooftop will last for years and years. During installation, drainage will be taken into consideration, and only minimal cleaning is needed in the case of a pet. There are also specific pet-friendly designs of artificial grasses to help with odor and stains.

Artificial grass is also simple to clean and maintain. If a patch becomes discolored, or wear and tear occurs, sections can easily be replaced and blended to match.

Types of Artificial Grass

There are three types of artificial grass to choose from: polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon. These different types have their own pros and cons as well as costs, so it’s important to think through the type of experience you want to have with your new rooftop lawn.

The ten-second version is below:

  • Polypropylene is the best rated for high foot traffic and is tough, so this is a great option for families and entertainers.
  • Polyethylene looks fantastic, but it is more fragile, so this might be a better bet for the lounging crowd.
  • Nylon tends to look the most real in terms of look and color and comes in a variety of thickness options, so there’s a lot of creativity with this one.

Prep Work

Even though we’re talking about installing artificial grass on a building and not needing to worry about leveling or prepping a lawn or backyard, there is some prep work involved.

One of the main things to think about when considering installing artificial grass on your rooftop or flat area of a building is weight. While the weight of artificial grass is not significant, the weight of humans is. Usually, people want to actually use a space they are creating, so taking into consideration the weight of yourself, friends, and family who will be utilizing the new outdoor space is super important. We recommend checking with the building owner and hiring an inspector to ensure maximum weight capacity and safety limits.

Another thing to take into consideration is the draining system needed. This is ultimately something that can be discussed with a designer and installer, but water needs to go somewhere so it does not pool. Standing water can cause leaks, smells, mold, and mildew, and that should all just be avoided.

We Love Fake Grass

If you are in the Austin area and think artificial grass would be an awesome design and functionality aspect for your rooftop experience, let our team at LawnPop help! We specialize in artificial grass design, types, supply, and installation, so contact us today to discuss your project, and let’s upgrade your yard!