The Few Artificial Grass Maintenance Requirements

The Few Artificial Grass Maintenance Requirements
Artificial Grass Maintenance

A major benefit of artificial grass is how little maintenance is required compared to a seeded lawn. Thanks to artificial grass, keeping your lush green lawn in top shape doesn’t require near-constant watering, weeding, and mowing.

That being said, artificial grass does have a few minor maintenance requirements that are easy and affordable.

Debris Cleanup

Natural and unnatural debris will fall onto your grass. On occasion, it’s smart to clean up any of the fallen leaves, twigs, branches, and other debris that gets on your lawn.

Cleaning up debris is not just about keeping a clean, pleasant-looking lawn. It’s about preventing any sharp objects from damaging your new artificial turf.

Rinse and Repeat

After a dry, slightly breezy day, consider blowing some of the accumulated dirt off your grass. Excess dirt can dull the vibrant green coloring of artificial grass. To properly remove the dirt, a quick rinse with a hose is often enough.

By cleaning off the grass with a hose on occasion, you’ll ensure your new artificial grass looks its absolute best and smells fresh year round. This is especially important if you have pets who do their business outdoors.

Fluffing the Lawn

As time goes by, you’ll notice key areas of your artificial lawn beginning to appear flat and worn down. High foot traffic can easily damage natural grass, but with artificial grass, a stiff broom can help the blades stand up tall and straight once more. Your lawn will have the same appearance as the day it was installed.

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