Are the Oak Trees in Your Yard Causing Dead Grass?

Are the Oak Trees in Your Yard Causing Dead Grass?

The beautiful nature scene of Austin, Texas is greatly owed to the giant Oak Trees that grow tall everywhere, especially in your lawn! You may have a love-hate relationship with your Oak Trees, as they bring a natural aesthetic to your home, but also kill the grass that you work hard to keep alive. Oak Trees are allelopathic, which means they exude substances to inhibit growth of other plants competing for light, water, and air beneath them. Along with that, there is the shade that such a large tree casts over the grass. So, the grass is doomed in two ways!

Effects of dead grass:

With dead grass, comes a multitude of negative side effects. Not only will your lawn appear dull and unhealthy, you will experience muddy messes whenever it rains or when your kids or dogs play in the yard. If you have a pool, dead grass leads to more dirt and grime in the water that you’ll have to work hard to remove. Luckily, there is a way to fix these issues!

A great solution!

LawnPop offers high-quality artificial turf that will immediately brighten and clean up your lawn. Allow yourself to enjoy your beautiful Oak Trees without the worry of dead grass. With artificial turf, your lawn will stay green year-round, meaning you can forget about the muddy mess that dead grass creates. Rather than dreading the day it rains, you can welcome the rain to come and clean off your turf, easily! Without having to stress about keeping your lawn, house, or pool clean from all of the mud, you will have time to truly enjoy the beauty of your Austin, Texas backyard!

Other benefits:

Appearance is an important factor in the decision to invest in artificial grass, as it truly transforms your entire lawn. However, there are other benefits that cannot be directly seen. You will find that artificial grass is an investment that absolutely pays off. You will save costs on landscaping and fertilizing because artificial grass doesn’t call for either. You will also save a large sum of money by not having to water your lawn at all, as a sprinkler system is extremely expensive when attempting to maintain a green and healthy lawn, especially during the hot and dry summertime. Saving money in the long run is awesome, but what makes choosing artificial grass even better is that it also saves the environment. Grass fertilizer is extremely harmful as it runs off into drains and interferes with the ecosystem, poisoning the fish and other aquatic animals in rivers, lakes, and oceans. Also, excessive watering of a natural lawn (which is necessary in Texas!) wastes an enormous amount of water, as a water sprinkler can use as much water in an hour as an entire family of four will use in a day.

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Choosing artificial grass adds value to your home and to your life. Without natural grass, you can appreciate your Oak Trees’ beauty without dreading dead grass, along with saving large amounts of effort and money to maintain your attractive lawn. If this eco-friendly option of artificial grass seems appealing to you, visit and make your lawn a smart lawn!