Artificial Grass for People With Grass Allergies

Artificial Grass for People With Grass Allergies

Grass allergies are no fun. Allergies in general are no fun, but when they are caused by arguably one of the most common plants around, that can be pretty miserable.

Grass allergies are typically caused by grass pollen. With so much grass around all the time, that means there is a LOT of grass pollen. The pollen gets stirred up by the wind and inhaled into a person’s respiratory system, and a reaction occurs. This reaction is typically in the form of coughing, sneezing, runny eyes, and/or a runny nose, but severe reactions can lead to difficulty breathing and anaphylaxis.

There are also people who are allergic to the grass plant itself. That means that if they touch grass, sit in grass, or play in a grassy area, they will have a physical skin reaction. This physical reaction is usually in the form of hives or welts that are red and itchy.

Artificial grass is a fantastic solution for people with grass allergies who still want the lush, green look and feel of actual grass for their lawn or backyard.

Artificial grass is not real. It’s man-made and produced from plastics and things like nylon thatch, so you can say bye-bye to natural grass allergy issues. Well, at least you can say bye-bye to them in your immediate property and home vicinity.

Grass allergy sufferers will take relief anywhere they can but will also reap the benefits of actually being able to enjoy their yard. Then there are the simple actions of being able to step outside your house and breathe normally or sit on your lawn for a picnic and not break out in itchy hives.

Three Types of Artificial Grass

There are three types of artificial grass, and all three are great solutions for grass allergy sufferers. The type of artificial grass you choose for your yard project really comes down to look, feel, durability, space, and cost. The three options are:

  • Polypropylene. Polypropylene is a popular choice for commercial lawns as it is the best rated for high foot traffic. It’s a tough and durable design, so it can stand up to wear and tear. This might be a great option for active families or those who like to have backyard entertainment or parties regularly.
  • Polyethylene. Polyethylene looks amazing, and people will be blown away when you tell them your lawn is actually fake. However, this type of artificial grass is a little more fragile, so this might be a better option for a yard that is used for more lounging and relaxing activities.
  • Nylon thatch. Nylon thatch looks even more amazing than polyethylene, with a lot of effort put into the look and color of the design. It is also the choice that comes in the most thickness options, so it’s extremely versatile.

Regardless of the type of artificial grass you choose, the pricing is typically by the square foot, and you’ll also want to discuss labor costs. The bigger the lawn, the more artificial grass and labor that is needed, so you can go through this fully with your provider and/or installer.

At Lawnpop, though, we do both, so you can find a company that specializes in artificial grass supply and installation all in one.

When installed correctly and well maintained, artificial grass lawns across the board can last between 10 and 20 years. When you have an artificial grass lawn installed, make sure to also ask about the available warranties.

Other Benefits of Artificial Gras

In addition to providing relief to grass allergy sufferers, there are a ton of other benefits to having an artificial grass lawn or yard:

  • Even though artificial grass is made of things like plastic, they do not feel like stiff, rigid, plastic bits. It is actually soft underfoot and cushiony. There are options that allow you to decide how thick you want the grass as well. You do not have to worry about sacrificing comfort when you switch to artificial grass. Your yard will be just as inviting and comfortable (and arguably, even more so).
  • No watering needed.
  • No mowing needed.
  • No weeding needed.
  • No fertilizing needed.

There are pet-friendly grass options that are designed to have water-based waste wash away naturally with rain. You just have to pick up the solid bits, as fake grass means there are no insects or natural dirt bacteria to break anything down.

Make Your Lawn Allergy Free!

At LawnPop, we supply and install artificial grass across Austin, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Our artificial grass is not only a great alternative for people who suffer from natural grass allergies, but it is also sustainable, easy to maintain, and beautiful.

To learn more about why artificial grass might be the perfect choice for your new lawn or backyard experience, give us a call, stop on by the store, or schedule a free consultation by completing our online form.