Custom Synthetic Turf Putting Greens by LawnPop®

Improve your short game with our customized chipping and putting greens. You don’t have to be a golf pro to own an amazing backyard golf green. LawnPop designs and installs one-of-a-kind custom putting greens designed to fit any space. Practice and play better.


Residential greens are different from your standard synthetic lawn turf project. Our understanding of design and detailed craftsmanship are the key components of the overall process. Prep, base work, hole/cup placement, undulations and artificial turf selections are all critical features to a synthetic golf green that adds value to both your game, your family and your home, all while reducing maintenance costs.

Synthetic turf surfaces are low maintenance, require no water, and are free of chemical inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides. Our complementary projects range from artificial grass sport courts, lawns, yoga and exercise areas, bocce ball courts, and much more.

“Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes permanent.” Dave Pelz

LawnPop is GreensMaster™ Certified

Only services by a SYNLawn GreensMaster™ Certified professional ensure the highest quality installation of synthetic putting greens. We provide the most realistic golf performance for our customers and even install Shotstopper systems.

The SYNLawn GreensMaster™ certification program requires that vendors meet a rigorous set of standards created by SYNLawn and Dave Pelz. To be certified in the SYNLawn GreensMaster™ program, our installation crews must be trained in all techniques and demonstrate their abilities over time. Only after they have proven their techniques and have shown the ability to perfectly install putting greens with smooth seams, natural undulations, proper surrounding fringes and course-style bunkers will they be certified a SYNLawn GreensMaster™.

“The Shotstopper is the most realistic Golf Greens system in the industry.” Dave Pelz, PGA Instructor