The Top Surfaces for Artificial Grass

The Top Surfaces for Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is one of the most versatile landscaping solutions on the planet. It can be used for a soccer field, your backyard, or the median between two major roads.

You’ve likely been wondering about getting artificial grass yourself to enhance your lawn. But first, you need to know about the surfaces that work well with artificial grass. Let’s go over them and explain why they work.


The best for artificial grass is and always will be soil. The ground is tough, and even better, it’s already in position. All you have to do is smooth out the surface and fill in holes. That’s easy, though.

You’ll find soil everywhere. When installing artificial grass in such spaces, our crew uses a multi-layer approach to prepare the ground.


A hardscape is a general term for bricks, pavement, or wood. If you’re tired of doing constant maintenance on a backyard deck or patio area, you can cover the top layer of material with artificial grass for a more healthy, vibrant appearance.

With a wooden surface, it’s important to treat and seal the wood first. Once fully sealed, you can lay down artificial grass without worrying about moisture draining through.

Elevated Surfaces

Many elevated surfaces, such as balconies, are perfect for artificial grass. As synthetic turf does not require soil, it can be used on any rooftop garden, recreation area, or window patio to create a more comfortable space.

Furthermore, artificial grass is light and durable, which means less maintenance.

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